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education provided by a college or university

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Through GradMaker, we aim to help parents be prepared by providing visibility on how much and how long they need to invest for their child's college education,' he said.
The law, which democratized state college education, was signed by President Duterte in August 2017.
Bam, the bicameral conference committee allotted P40 billion in the 2018 budget for free college education in state universities and colleges, local universities and colleges and TESDA-run vocational schools.
Seventy-six percent of parents in the poll said they would willingly delay their retirement and 68% would take a second or part-time job to pay for their children's college education.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Seven in 10 American adults believe that a college education is very important, up significantly since the 1970s and 1980s.
Mukhtar Ahmed said that college education is very important pillar of higher education in Pakistan and after 18th amendment; HEC is working closely with the provincial higher education departments to bring college education at par with international standards.
Among these DLIs, the fourth one relates to improving quality of college education.
This sweepstakes signifies GradSave's commitment to making college education accessible to all.
Cultivating inquiry-driven learners; a college education for the 21st century.
More adult Americans give higher priority to saving for retirement than to saving for a child's college education, new research reveals.
The College Board commissioned research to learn more about students' and parents' knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about the importance of a college education and how to pay for it.
But by 2010, the number of women who had attained a college education was greater than that of men in 67 of 120 countries around the world, including 17 relatively poor countries.
Mounting tuition fees and global uncertainty has impacted the number of Americans who think about investing in college education for their children, according to a Country Financial survey.
Rybak has launched a citywide program to promote college education to third graders.
This report summarizes how the real cost of a college education in California changed between 1996 and 2004 and examines the way students at California's public colleges and universities paid for their education.
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