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Synonyms for dormitory

a college or university building containing living quarters for students

a large sleeping room containing several beds

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Started in a college dorm room in 2004, Facebook is now the most used social networking site in the world with more than 500 million active users (about 1 person in 14 in the world).
Christie Nigro, chorale director, said, "Over the years our singers have performed in local homes, business and college dorm rooms and we've provided the soundtrack for many romantic dinners.
IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP)--When Drew Robinson, who will be a University of Iowa senior when school starts soon, moved into his college dorm room as a freshman, he remembers a neighbor across the hall who brought a 57-inch flat panel television.
The business started in the owner's college dorm room and has grown to a 15,500 square foot facility.
The civil rights case concerned a student accusing his college of violating his due process and free speech rights in the way in which the school sanctioned him after he was accused and found responsible for harassing a college dorm director.
Life in the cast house can have some of the same feel--and tensions--as a college dorm, with cliques, personalities, problems, and shifting allegiances.
They furnished one bedroom like a college dorm room, one like a master bedroom, and one like a child's room.
Brian Taylor, the founder of this company, started making popcorn in his college dorm room at the University of Michigan and creating special seasonings for his dorm buddies.
Go out to any college dorm environment - that's what college kids do.
The theme for the contest is "Special Needs Furnishings," including, but not limited to, ergonomic designs, designs for the elderly or physically challenged, and college dorm furnishings.
Danby Products president Brent Duke envisions the refrigerators for "the apartment dweller, the college dorm room, the entertainment center and game room.
Eliminating the need for a bulky desktop PC while adding the flexibility to remain mobile, the metallic blue Satellite A25-S279 is a powerful desktop replacement notebook PC that is a welcome addition to any college dorm room or home office environment.
There are 50 stories here that reveal disappointments, honesty, and even a really gross situation in a college dorm There are unhappy endings but truth in every one of them.
Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer, dropped out of college when he found a market for made-to-order computers from his college dorm room 18 years ago.
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