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Synonyms for dormitory

a college or university building containing living quarters for students

a large sleeping room containing several beds

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We met their rigorous specifications for a college dorm digital whiteboard with in-wall mounting, and we worked with the engineering firm to design a fit for purpose fireproof enclosure behind the display for extra safety.
There won't be room for a large item like that to fit in a college closet or anywhere else in the college dorm room.
College dorm rooms are small and the college student won't want the college dorm room taken over by large dorm furniture.
New L32W661 with Multiple State-of-the-Art Digital Inputs is Ideal for College Dorms, Other Multi-Purpose Spaces
Whether the college student prefers the thick support of Memory Foam or a soft Featherbed, this is a layer of college dorm bedding the college student will not want to overlook.
com)-- Dorm bedding essentials are the most important college supplies a college student will add to a college dorm checklist.
In the years since its beginnings in a college dorm room, James Jannetides has grown LOFT into an industry-leading enterprise which currently holds accounts with 1,200 colleges over 1/3 of all the Universities with housing across the country.
Base stations are the central transmitter/receiver units that maintain communications between the network and mobile devices and are comparable in size to mini-refrigerators commonly found in college dorm rooms.
The college may have emergency electricity that will kick in to light the hallways and allow the electronic key cards to work, however that electricity may not extend to the college dorm room.
LOUIS, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Gone are the days of dreary college dorm rooms with metal post beds and bare walls.
Parents can have peace of mind, and students can arrive in style to their college dorm.
8203;1 - Totes and other Dorm Accessory Organizers - Don't underestimate how much these dorm essentials can do for a college dorm room.
Born out of his college dorm room, Steve Iverson wanted a better way to send entertainment like video and music, photos and software files across the Internet versus trying to transfer files using CDs and storage devices.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Making the move from the comforts of home to a small room in a college dorm can be difficult for any college freshman.
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