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the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)

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Nature, architecture, historical figures of Kyrgyzstan are used in the design of collector coins mainly.
Its collector coin business also generated pounds 10.
Gerald Sheehan, deputy master of the Royal Mint said: 'We are delighted to collaborate with the British & Irish Lions and the New Zealand government to mark the 12th Lions Tour of New Zealand with a series of legal tender collector coins.
We're proud to meet the demand for these very special collector coins and provide people with an additional opportunity to collect them," said Scott Carter, executive vice president, Goldline International.
Silver collector coins coin Fairy II (hereinafter - the coin), production and distribution of Latvian banks in accordance with the competition regulations (hereinafter - the Regulations) the technical specification (Annex 1 of the Statute) and in the draft contract (Annex 3 of the Regulations) as prescribed.
A series of collector coins have been created in order to commemorate the Civil War.
The Central Bank launched the second in a series of three annual EUR15 silver proof collector coins featuring iconic animals from Irish coinage.
The international market for collector coins is more than 600-years-old.
These stamps - and a first day cover for March 15 2005 - figure in the book, the latest in dozens of publications producedby the Huddersfield company, whose next major project is for The Royal Mint and called The Collector Coins.
It seemed fitting we should have him back to launch the medal,' said Alan Wallace, director of collector coins at the Mint.
We're proud to meet the demand for these very special collector coins," said Scott Carter, executive vice president, Goldline International.
Contract notice: Silver commemorative coins procurement / procurement of euro collector coins of the republic of kazakhstan.
The 150 lots featuring thousands of collector coins and currency, including:
Among the collector coins the Mint produced were a series of New Zealand coins to commemorate characters from the Lord of the Rings films, a 22-carat kilo coin to mark Prince William's 21st birthday - which sold out within an hour - and coins to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first railway locomotive and the 50th anniversary of Roger Bannister's four-minute mile.
Lucky players received Slingo T-shirts, Slingo Hall of Fame stuffed animals, Slingo keychains, 10th anniversary Slingo commemorative collector coins, and Electronic Slingo hand-held games for grand prize winners.