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Synonyms for collective

Synonyms for collective

members of a cooperative enterprise

done by or characteristic of individuals acting together


Related Words

forming a whole or aggregate

set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government

References in classic literature ?
Independently of the original and individual contribution of each writer, there are collective contingents.
Slowly, hour by hour, the collective consciousness woke up, the tide of patriotic astonishment and humiliation came floating in.
New York had become a headless monster, no longer capable of collective submission.
These are no other than invention and judgment; and they are both called by the collective name of genius, as they are of those gifts of nature which we bring with us into the world.
As late as February 1930, the OGPU complained that the majority of sel'sovets continued to deter peasants from joining the collectives and that both local party members and sel'sovet members were slaughtering their own livestock.
If you are interested in viewing additional information on Collectives Technologies visit the Collective Web page at http://www.
The presence of inflatables in the show (or more accurately, the documentation of such structures) positions the group as one of a number of collectives in the 1960s courting the potential of pneumatic architecture (their Italian parallels would include Archigram and Superstudio, whom Ant Farm claimed as decisive influences).
Collectives can be bought directly from an investment manager or through an independent financial adviser, stockbroker or private client investment manager.
One of the central themes of his recent work is that collectives, and nations in particular, can be bearers of guilt.
For those who crave cultural distraction without the heavy intellectual price tag, now comes a pack of new and inscrutable art collectives offering colorful, guilt-free fun.
For some, though, writers' collectives provide a way to connect with their community while offering an important link to fellow authors.
In semiconductors, National and most big firms have lost their way because of their reluctance to focus on manufacturing and, indeed, collective entrepreneurship.
The games are being developed by The Collective, a division of Foundation 9 Entertainment and a top developer of action titles.
Interactive Entertainment has selected The Collective to develop video games based on the Dirty Harry film franchise, which are being produced in partnership with Clint Eastwood's Malpaso and The Tehama Companies.