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Synonyms for collectivism

Soviet communism

a political theory that the people should own the means of production

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Sadly collective society for centuries has suppressed creativity (and this has gone on too long) but we are finally understanding that if we were all creative as children, then we all could have the creative capabilities for our entire lives, and as we grow older be encouraged to constantly be pro-creative.
And we shouldn't forget that positive changes to our health, however small, ultimately impact all of us as a collective society.
In their own ways, some Saudi and other Gulf citizens have embarked on that epic journey from a traditional, patriarchal, collective society defined mainly by faith and family, to one in which individual citizens have many more rights and options in living out their lives.
The Indigeneity Arts Collective Society fits this theme, with their contemporary art and new media work," said Dawn Sanders Dahl, director of programs and marketing.
In Wales we have a long tradition of a caring collective society.
An extension of this has been the successful introduction of standardised Herd Health Sale Declarations in 2007, and now available at all collective society sales in 2008 and going forward.
Individuals act selfishly but in fact as a collective society we're all unwitting instruments of a greater force in human affairs - change and the era's which define a generation.
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