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Synonyms for collectivism

Soviet communism

a political theory that the people should own the means of production

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It appears that now however, as a collective society, we are beginning to embrace the digital tools and services at out fingertips and finally use them to our advantage.
My experience suggests this can be achieved by respecting and adhering to indigenous protocols, customs, values and beliefs, and understanding collective society and the values of reciprocity and wontok (of family and belonging).
In answering one of the questions posed by Adam, I believe shifts in cultural values toward a more accepting and collective society, could contribute to ending material scarcity.
In response to a question about contrasts between Saudi and American societies, Beggin said that Saudis see themselves as part of a collective society, as opposed to the individualistic characteristics that make up American society.
Even amongst the rose-tinged view of our intellectual prowess, we, as a collective society fail in the face of one obstacle.
The characters in both stories are unique in their perspectives yet belong to and function within a collective society, however chaotic.
fr/) wishes to entrust the collection and transportation of waste OM and EMR, and the collection of bulky, six collective society priv?
So instead of trying to change the world and reach a peace agreement, we can give hope as individuals and as a collective society in other manageable ways, like by listening to and hearing their stories, and paying attention.
Sadly collective society for centuries has suppressed creativity (and this has gone on too long) but we are finally understanding that if we were all creative as children, then we all could have the creative capabilities for our entire lives, and as we grow older be encouraged to constantly be pro-creative.
And we shouldn't forget that positive changes to our health, however small, ultimately impact all of us as a collective society.
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