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a noun that is singular in form but refers to a group of people or things

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Oh, and the collective noun for a multiplicity of writers is a worship, by the way, which sounds just about right to me.
It seems that the collective sense is quite relative: sometimes we can use collective nouns in plural, although they have individual meanings then, e.
These are real collective nouns, this we now know thanks to new book, A Compendium Of Collective Nouns.
Abandonment of cuckoos and zephyr of long-tailed titmice are among the lesser-known collective nouns in the book, although the old favourites such as gaggle of geese and covert of coots are there.
TWITCHERS will have to fork out for the latest book release on collective nouns for birds.
Collective nouns such as committee, family, or team are conceptually (and in English also syntactically) complex in the sense that they are both singular ("one") and plural ("more than one"): they refer to a multiplicity that is conceptualized as a unity.
There's many collective nouns for Mac users, but my favourite is 'smug'.
Jespersen, for instance, defines collectives as "words which denote a unit made up of several things or beings which may be counted separately" (Persson 1989), and Levin (2001: 13), the latest scholar to discuss it to my knowledge, calls collective nouns "singular nouns denoting groups of entities and taking plural targets".
I'm told that it's a peculiar of collective nouns, which may sound strange, but it's no odder than some of the other group names I've recently discovered.
His classic "sound songs" - which teach children homonyms, collective nouns and vowels - have sold more than 100,000 copies.
th] Annual Art Contest sponsored by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) introduced students in grades 2-4 to the collective nouns used to describe specific groups of animals, many of them unique and intriguing.
The exhibition focuses on collective nouns and has evolved from project creator Alan Golding's love of language and animals.
I'm fond of inventing collective nouns - one I use is 'a wobble' of tightrope walkers.
The two terms he uses to counteract my argument, however, are 'cabinet' and 'board', both of which are collective nouns.
The show called Of A Feather features an Avian Alphabet of Collective Nouns and works by Colin See Paynton RCA.
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