mass hysteria

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a condition in which a large group of people exhibit the same state of violent mental agitation

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Being there, drinking, taking part in this collective hysteria is not an invitation to be fondled.
In an effort to slow the collective hysteria of investment madness, Japanese interest rates were raised in 1989, which caused panic.
Government Minister for Veracruz Gerardo Buganza told Mexican state television that "they (the residents of Veracruz) lived through a collective hysteria that was provoked by these two people with the intention to cause chaos, to generate terror.
As preparations to receive the activists went into high gear, some Israeli newspapers wondered about the air of collective hysteria gripping the authorities.
As with the 9/11 mosque issue, all sense of proportion has been trampled under the collective hysteria.
Their hopes were justified within the first five minutes of the game; Stephen Gerrard scored his first goal while sending the nation into a collective hysteria.
BDI MP Teuta Arifi comments for Dnevnik that it would be good for us to rationally think on what we are going to be told in Brussels and not to cause a collective hysteria about the injustice inflicted on this nation and to look for the blame in everybody but ourselves.
The homogenization of the masses through collective hysteria, allowing for no dissent, was an expedient political instrument for leaders whose primary concern was to consolidate their power, as well as for those who aspired to a position of leadership and authority.
Magdy pokes fun at the irrational fears and illogical assumptions engendered by the media, which promote collective hysteria over the presence of some universal "terror"--perpetrated by anonymous but probably Arabic-speaking masked figures.
Call it madness, call it absence of mind, call it a strange collective hysteria, call it what you will: Christmas is a time when sane people go mad and mad people become sane.
The natural products and nutraceuticals industries have a great deal more to gain from responsible trade development with China than from indulging in collective hysteria.
They are beset by self-doubt and seem to be gripped by the same collective hysteria as their fans.