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the good of a community


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But the real tragedy is that the legitimacy of the elections for a collective good is overshadowed by personal issues.
I have been fortunate to have worked with previous boards, beginning in 2008, that have allowed us to come through a financial crisis and together my fellow board members -- Mike Dziokonski, Bill Connolly, Marc Iacobucci and Dave Sargent -- will continue working for the collective good.
Fortunately for them, a Central Planner can justify any individual harm and any sacrifice required from you and me by invoking the collective good.
The observed inability of states to produce a collective good by acting together might therefore be a reliable signal of when federal intervention is needed.
She is a wonderful example to us all of the servant leader, and she is a great booster of philanthropy, helping others give of their time, talents and treasure to the collective good.
It is unfortunate that social clubs, which should be at the forefront promoting relevant messages for the collective good of their communities, are busy propagating sexism and mindless sexual profiling at family events.
However, her boyfriend, Sriram Venkat, (Khan) is self-centred and is exasperated with his girlfriend's need to do collective good.
Oregon residents depend on state universities for economic and social mobility, and that adds up to a collective good that's rightfully financed with tax dollars, he said.
His view of the collective good was entirely individual.
It robs the citizenry of their security, and of their social and economic rights, ironically established for their welfare and collective good," he said.
That is central to any Omani community and we are committed to providing the means for people around us to develop for their collective good.
A cofounder in 2008 of the New Orleans--based collective Good Children, Stephen Collier is central to a local scene that has spawned a number of artists' groups and off spaces--enough to position the Crescent City in recent years as a bastion of DIY possibility.
Considering that the story was set 7,000 years ago, the contemporary events of September 11 and beyond gave the story's collective good versus evil theme a more disturbing topicality at the time of its release than possibly even its author, the former Birmingham schoolboy JRR Tolkien could ever have imagined.
Water is about securing our collective good fortune.
For the month of August, we are excited to fundraise for the Red Cross and contribute to our collective good," explains Yingo's director, Natalie Riviere.
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