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the good of a community


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As is the case for any collective good, individuals may place differing values on a unit of such improvement.
And in a far-sighted nuance to this early political soundbite, he added that the true patriot is motivated not by a love of national institutions such as monarchy, but the greater collective good of the whole nation.
All the countries in the region should hold talks and devise a joint strategy for their collective good.
We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to yesterday's announcement from the vast majority of clubs, as well as many supporters, partners and the media, and look forward to continuing to work together for the collective good of Scottish football.
Being so closely involved in 2012 in Coventry and Warwickshire underlined just what can be achieved when people work together using sport to bring collective good to the area.
The computer checked for linguistic markers of what is known as "prosocial language,'' meaning words that indicate a concern with the collective good.
There should only be one aim for all council and Parliamentary candidates and that is the coherent collective good of the people they represent and not any party dogma.
In the process, the state encroaches to those limits that are exploitable by individuals to obtain exclusive benefits instead of collective good.
PETER DAVIES OBE : I joined Rotary because of the collective good Clubs do locally, nationally and internationally.
All that interests us is the collective good of the team.
I have been fortunate to have worked with previous boards, beginning in 2008, that have allowed us to come through a financial crisis and together my fellow board members -- Mike Dziokonski, Bill Connolly, Marc Iacobucci and Dave Sargent -- will continue working for the collective good.
Fortunately for them, a Central Planner can justify any individual harm and any sacrifice required from you and me by invoking the collective good.
The observed inability of states to produce a collective good by acting together might therefore be a reliable signal of when federal intervention is needed.
Bell ends with the cataclysmic effects of the Civil War, which fundamentally changed the meaning of suicide by introducing the possibility that an individual act of sacrifice might be performed in the name of the collective good.
It is unfortunate that social clubs, which should be at the forefront promoting relevant messages for the collective good of their communities, are busy propagating sexism and mindless sexual profiling at family events.
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