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a farm operated collectively

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Stalin decided that collective farms would not only feed the industrial workers in the cities but could also provide a substantial amount of grain to be sold abroad, with the money used to finance his industrialization plans.
It also called into question the notion that collective farms constituted a major success of Soviet socialism.
whether they [Russians] really enjoy being herded into collective farms (however more productive than their wretched little individual holdings, and however more truly contributing to their ultimate good).
Examples of topics explored include the manipulation of formal seigniorial powers over land by Czech peasants of the Middle Ages, variations in the political implementation of the liberal land property paradigm across Europe, peasant strategies towards the disposition of land before and after the Napoleonic Civil Code in French Normandy, Nazi Germany's "Heredity Law" governing "ethnic" German land, and the transformation of collective farms in East Germany since 1989.
By necessity, the country successfully transitioned from large fossil-fuel-intensive collective farms to small organic farms and the cultivation of every available piece of urban land using traditional methods to feed the population.
The documents were signed between each operator and the General Director of the National Board of Farmland in Algiers (ONTA), during a symbolic ceremony marking the start of the conversion of the perpetual contract of use of the individual or collective farms into right to concession for 40-year renewable and mortgageable term.
Individual farmers were taxed until they entered the collective, and collective farms were allowed to seize individual farmers' seed grain, used to plant the next year's harvest.
As specialists in socialistfarming, the Uzbeks were supposed to share their experience on organizing collective farms with their new Angolan neighbors.
Polish-born Holocaust survivors who'd immigrated to America after the war, they saw kibbutz as nothing more than a glorified kolkhoz, one of Stalin's failed collective farms, a prison camp in the guise of a commune.
Report by Jones published in Manchester Guardian and New York Evening Post on March 29, 1933 "I walked along through villages and 12 collective farms.
Under communism, people were forced to work in collective farms, but the crops that were raised went to Russia and China in exchange for weapons and war planes, while the majority of the people were left starving.
More than 30 Kyrgyz people were interviewed about a time when nomadic lifestyles were changed in favour of Soviet collective farms.
Pierre Du Kim Khoa was placed under house arrest in Viet Tri city by the communist government after being accused of telling local people not to hand their land over to state-run collective farms.
a"Michel Orloff, an investor specializing in converting Russian collective farms .
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