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a farm operated collectively

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20) In Stalin's final years, the link was replaced by brigade-style collective farming.
The Chinese had borrowed the idea of collective farming from the Soviet Union during the era of Mao and Stalin.
And in Belarus, Europe's last dictatorship, collective farming was never undone, and a former collective farm director, Aleksandr Lukashenko, runs the country.
I will begin with an analysis of the collective farming system introduced in 1958, the changes in 1966 that allowed for subwork teams, and the further reform of 1996 that permitted a new work squad system.
To move from individual farming to socialist collective farming, the North Korean regime organized production units that it believed would maximize potential yields given the conditions of the land, the technological development of the cooperatives, and also members' ideological awareness and the administrative ability of managerial officials.
Residents hid in their homes with the lights out as gunfire erupted at Kibbutz Metzer, a collective farming community just across the border from the West Bank.
Anyone who thinks a movie about collective farming can't be fascinating hasn't seen Mikhail Shveitser's "The Tight Knot," an extraordinarily gripping drama about cows, forage and the farmers who ran Russia's vast collective farms in the '50s.
Till then, the open fields and collective farming of Saxon peasant proprietors had encouraged freedom of movement.
The people who work the farms are now called shareholders, but their lives are little changed from the days of collective farming.
My father was an agronomist, and he was seen as an enemy of the people because he opposed the forced implementation of collective farming.
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