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a farm operated collectively

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And in Belarus, Europe's last dictatorship, collective farming was never undone, and a former collective farm director, Aleksandr Lukashenko, runs the country.
I will begin with an analysis of the collective farming system introduced in 1958, the changes in 1966 that allowed for subwork teams, and the further reform of 1996 that permitted a new work squad system.
The Communist regime forced collectivization, or collective farming, in the villages and all farmers were required, in the name of the common good, to give their land, agricultural produce, and cattle to the collective farm.
The nationalizations were popular, but collective farming was not.
The people who work the farms are now called shareholders, but their lives are little changed from the days of collective farming.
They saw that they were living in one of two great empires in the world, that collective farming was a kind of reimposition of serfdom, and that none of the values that the Revolution claimed to have supported were being realized.
My father was an agronomist, and he was seen as an enemy of the people because he opposed the forced implementation of collective farming.
Locals in Dantewada talk about "people's governments" (janatana sarkars) in the tribal hamlets, where the Maoists have established local self-governments -- they have set up schools and banks run by the tribals, created irrigation facilities by constructing check dams on streams, introduced collective farming and run revenue administration.
The shooting occurred at Kibbutz Metzer, a collective farming community in northern Israel, just across the border from the West Bank.
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