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negotiation between an employer and trade union

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The existing rights of trade unions to represent workers in collective negotiations resulting in collective contracts are reinforced, but the trade unions are by no means made independent of the party-state.
All three demands that fringe benefits commonly that are commonly included in collective contracts be recognized.
Whereas the individual funds have been competing for members since the mid-1990s, until recently they were only allowed to regulate their relations with the service providers via collective contracts.
101) However, research has shown that collective contracts do not provide increased protection to workers because they are rarely enforced or renewed.
A second problem for effective competition consists in the system of healthcare provision based on collective contracts between insurers and associations of providers (Boxes 6.
3) As will be discussed, many of these collective contracts could be described as bare-boned reflections of labor statutory minimums.
Chabot focuses on three goals for the union movement (male or female): their demand for collective contracts with the aim of co-operation between management and workers in the organization of labour, the strike, and the promotion of protective legislation.
The review of industrial relations processes, which makes up the second half of the book, considers in turn "participation"; labour conflict and settlement; and the negotiation of collective contracts.
Unlike in Spain and France, this system permits a wide range of minimum wages, governed by national and company collective contracts, and individual contracts that supplement collective agreements on a case-by-case basis.
Collective contracts were concluded only at the enterprise level and in manufacturing.
The old centralised wage setting system was wiped out, and although collective contracts, possibly negotiated by more or less traditional unions as the nominated bargaining agent of groups of workers, are not proscribed, whether agreements should be collective or individual is itself a matter for negotiation.
The renewal of industry-wide collective contracts was invariably associated with very large and brief strikes, involving all the workers in the industry in question, whereas local bargaining which supplemented national bargaining was characterized by brief, small, local stoppages.
34) The Industrial Relations Centre at Victoria University in Wellington began compiling an unofficial register of collective contracts.
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