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negotiation between an employer and trade union

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The company and the unions agree that the terms of their new collective bargaining agreements will address the objectives of the parties and that the new labor agreements will provide employees with wages and benefits that are among the best in northern New England.
That standard had said that if collective bargaining agreements are silent on the issue, the presumption is benefits are vested.
The Service has no statutory restrictions on the type of work it may outsource, but collective bargaining agreements with its unions impose some process requirements and limitations.
The court reportedly granted the airline management's 1113(c) motion to reject the employees' collective bargaining agreements.
In June 1962, the UFT negotiated the most important collective bargaining agreement for teachers in the United States.
The hospital filed suit in federal court seeking a declaratory judgment that the planned sympathy strike was barred by a no-strike provision in the collective bargaining agreement between the hospital and the nurses' union.
She claimed the legislation compelled employees to accept collective bargaining agreements against their will.
She said she was ``rankled'' that public money was going to pay for schools that did not all have collective bargaining agreements.
Lucky Stores, a fiscal-year taxpayer, contributed to several multi-employer pension plans on a monthly basis under collective bargaining agreements.
1)The purpose of these regulations is to set forth the requirement of Title I (covering private employers and private agencies) and Title IV (covering collective bargaining agreements and other subjects) of FMLA.
9 The Court's decision caught the immediate attention of labor leaders and Federal lawmakers, who objected to the notion that businesses could unilaterally modify or terminate collective bargaining agreements outside of the National Labor Relations Act's well-established procedures.
The USW has informed the Company that employees covered by the collective bargaining agreements will soon be notified of the ratification process which is anticipated to be completed by early March.
Tacket focuses on what the appropriate standards should be for interpreting collective bargaining agreements on the duration of medical retiree benefits.
Titanium mineral sands company Tronox (NYSE:TROX) said on Wednesday that it has entered into collective bargaining agreements with its two largest unions at its South African operations.
School administrators and many educational reformers have generally been critical of the role of teacher's unions in public education, contending that teacher collective bargaining agreements have blocked education reforms and increased the costs of running schools without resulting in greater educational performance.
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