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Synonyms for collectible

things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

subject to or requiring payment especially as specified

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Juan Antonio Cano, Chairman of Afinsa, stated, "We are very pleased to be able to consolidate our collectibles buying program through GMAI.
Considered the most prestigious in the gift and collectible industry, the NALED Achievement Awards are selected and voted on by more than 200 retail members.
For more information, contact: Collectible Concepts Group: 215-491-1075, ext.
8 million in initial purchase orders from domestic mass-market retailers for its new collectible trading card game based on the popular children's collectible toy, Mighty Beanz(TM).
We believe this new collectible card game, featuring innovative game play and entertaining content with the likeness' of the Mighty Beanz characters, will stimulate the same high level of interest from retailers across the world as we are experiencing in North America.
Afinsa's unparalleled growth over the past 23 years to more than 1 billion Euros in annual transactions in tangible investments, including direct and intermediary sales, requires an ever-growing quantity of quality collectibles.
Genio's President, Susan Eisner, commented, "We are delighted with the launch of the Mighty Beanz(TM) collectible trading card game web site, which offers fans bright and colorful, user-friendly navigation with exciting information on the game.
Each box of Disney Holiday Treasures Collectible Card Set includes five packs of holiday-themed collectible cards and one of three pairs of the famous Disney figurines -- exclusive only to the Disney Holiday Treasures series.
A broad selection of collectibles will be offered at a variety of market levels, ranging from higher-end items for the serious collector to moderately priced pieces for the casual enthusiast.
Since acquiring The Morgan Mint in 2001, Malamud and Sisskind have guided the company to exceptional growth aggressively driven by a hand-picked management team of successful executives from the top companies in the collectibles and direct response industries.
The newest collectibles include hand-painted polystone busts of the characters Legolas Greenleaf, Saruman and Galadriel.
Both GMAI and CdC currently act as exclusive supplier of collectibles - primarily stamps and coins - on a worldwide basis to Afinsa Bienes Tangible, S.
Jerry Wodarz, who with his wife, Claudia, runs Claudia's Antiques and Collectibles in Canoga Park, said the shop stocks a few unusual collectibles, along with many antiques, because customers increasingly are demanding newer, less expensive items.
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