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a telephone call that the receiving party is asked to pay for

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The ability to complete calls to mobile phones has been a major challenge for the collect calling industry, and we are very excited to work with AT&T, the company that created the very concept of collect calling," 3Cinteractive CEO John Duffy said.
In the future, we will begin to market directly to people most likely to be consumers of collect calling services.
The East Asian country has a population of more than 64,000,000 people and represents a growing market for international collect calling back to the U.
Dial rates save the client 75% or more over hotel rates, calling cards, collect calling or credit card calls.
June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Communications giant Sprint today announced that it is extending its famous dime-a-minute rate around the clock for consumer long distance and collect calling.
The second, 1-800-ONE-DIME, is a new collect calling service that, for the first time ever, lets consumers know what they pay per minute for a collect call.
Our Prepaid Calling Card products offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to coin-operated calling, collect calling, operator assisted calls and credit card calling.
begins offering consumers 1-800-ONE-DIME, a collect calling service that
WASHINGTON, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- MCI (Nasdaq: MCIC) has asked the Federal Communications Commission to adopt safeguards that prohibit local phone monopolies from employing anti-competitive tactics against long distance companies for billing and collection of "non-subscribed" services such as collect calling and calls billed to third party numbers.
This report also discusses calling options that consumers can use to minimize their use of collect calling services, which can cost over 30 cents per minute.
After hearing the call announced by Preferred's Collect Calling platform, the called party then says "yes" to accept the charges or "no" to refuse the call.
Gallagher conceived the name and strategy for Sprint's collect calling product:1-800-ONE-DIME.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- 1-800-COLLECT, one of the nation's most recognized collect calling services, is taking aim at helping the homeless this holiday season by advertising the "A Musical Feast" celebrity cookbook to raise money for national homeless shelter groups.
In addition, Teleglobe offers a full portfolio of switched voice, transmission and enhanced services, including collect calling, prepaid cards and international toll-free services.
1-800-COLLECT was introduced May 19, 1993 and offers savings of up to 44% off AT&T's operator-dialed collect calling rates.