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Synonyms for clavicle

bone linking the scapula and sternum

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I played for 117 minutes with a broken collar bone in the 1965 FA Cup final.
Those with a long face and a good height should opt for a length between their collar bone and chin that has fullness at the sides and must avoid parting their hair at the centre.
The collar bone, also called the clavicle, is a horizontal strut between the breast bone and the shoulder blade, which helps support the arm and keep the shoulder in its socket.
All the bones seemed to have fixed themselves, including the collar bone, this month.
Chester welcome back defenders George Horan and Matty McGinn, who both missed the game at Hyde, but midfielder Ashley Williams is out with a broken collar bone.
Portugal have suffered a major injury blow after it was announced winger Nani would play no part in the World Cup after damaging his collar bone.
As she walked along the road, she was approached from behind by a man who pulled her bag from her shoulder, causing her to fall over and break her collar bone, and injure her arm.
ZARA Phillips has broken her collar bone after a terrifying fall at an equestrian event.
A 14-year-old girl suffered a serious head injury and a boy, 16, injured his collar bone and shoulder when the bikes landed on them.
A woman, 43, suffered a minor facial injury, a 52-year-old man sustained neck and facial injuries and a 19-year-old man received a fractured collar bone, when they were set upon by three men in Victoria Street, Old Cwmbran, at about 11.
Mr Vogolanovic suffered a broken collar bone and was treated at the Royal Infirmary.
The 31-year-old popped his collar bone during the run-in in the German capital of Berlin.
She suffered extensive injuries, including a broken back and collar bone, a concussion, and 10 broken ribs.
Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, who was sidelined for two months with a collar bone injury in April, returned in sparkling form to land her first major success this season on Shutterfly in the British Grand Prix, the climax of Hickstead's Golden Jubilee Royal International Horse Show.
With that in mind, DK's style team of Danielle Chadderton and Nakisha Green razorcut layers from her collar bone to the ends to add movement and lightness.