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post connecting the crossbeam to the apex of a triangular truss

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Collar beams were attached about mid-way up which would serve as the floor of the loft.
New roof construction as rafters and collar beam roof of two gabled roofs, insulation installation as Vollsparren- and rafter, substructure for separate roofers - 400 m2; appropriate dormer constructions - about 11 dormers; appropriate crossing structures for connecting a stair tower ge.
F90 clothing beamed ceiling, collar beam and rafter 2 100 mA
South between ceiling joists and collar beam level has an outwardly convex, apparently once the entire surface area is cleaned (gooseneck), which should result in the Orangerie operation apparently a Nachreflexion formed in the lower part glazed.
the event hall with visible from the inside roof of the 2nd collar beam position, a steel truss is installed for reinforcement.