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bowl-shaped strainer


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Substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and eating disorder treatment are the top disciplines examined by insurance companies, Collander says, however, a low percentage of SUD treatment providers have such accreditation.
The data you track and the leadership structure that The Joint Commission requires follows all the way up to the CEO," says Collander.
There are so many gun shot wounds Mel's back looks like a collander.
The RFU coffers are like a collander, leaking money all the way down the pot and it has to stop.
Thirty percent of the membership worked in Chicago, with a sizable number employed at the Brunswick, Balke and Collander Co.
1991, 1993; Coleman, 1986; Collander, 1949, 1954; Cote et al.
Collander (ed) Neoclassical Political Economy: An Analysis of Rent Seeking and DUP Activities.
Every time it comes up," says budget expert Stan Collander, a former Hill staffer now at Price Waterhouse, "it's always by people who want to spend more.
Joint Commission accreditation provides organizations with the processes to continuously improve delivery of care for individuals and their families," said Tracy Griffin Collander, LCSW, executive director, Behavioral Health Care Accreditation program, The Joint Commission.
Tracy Griffin Collander joined The Joint Commission as executive director of the Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program on August 5.
He said: "The Celtic defence is leaking goals like water from a collander.
Put the seeds in a collander to drain and then spread them on a paper towel to dry (hint: don't leave them too long or they will stick to the paper).
The new center is led by Executive Director Tracy Griffin Collander.
The trees are like a collander, and we're the pasta,'' said Norton, 24.
99), which clamps horizontally to the top of the rack, allows you to put additional utensils, collanders, steamer baskets, etc.