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any enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of collagen and gelatin

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T lymphocytes can also contribute to the control of collagenolysis.
Evidence for increased collagenolysis by interstitial collagenases-1 and-3 in vulnerable human atheromatous plaques.
Dissociation in the control of cervical eosinophilic infiltration and collagenolysis at the end of pregnancy or after pseudopregnancy in ovariectomized steroid-treated rats.
Matrix metalloproteinase 10 promotion of collagenolysis via procollagenase activation: implications for cartilage degradation in arthritis.
Interestingly, CD40L colocalized with MMPs at sites of collagenolysis within human atheroma in situ, supporting a role for CD40 signaling in plaque rupture (15).