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Synonyms for collaborate

Synonyms for collaborate

to work together toward a common end


Synonyms for collaborate

work together on a common enterprise of project

cooperate as a traitor

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Key collaborators left behind can regulate entry into the field through the control of intellectual, social, and resource barriers.
The Gaza security forces said that indirect and suspicious questions asked about the fighters had increased suspicions and a team of investigators was set up to follow up the situation with the result that scores of women collaborators were arrested.
The strategy of placation is also attractive to collaborators because they have a warped sense of empathy and sympathy, the fifth attribute.
Hashem said that leniency with collaborators would encourage others to act against the interests of Lebanon.
When data is distributed in multiple locations, the access of private data by collaborators cannot be avoided.
Institutional collaborators will also be able to avail themselves of multiple metadata creation options, including support for multiple "production lines" and levels of editorial control.
A key step in the collaborative process occurs when collaborators appropriate each other's skills and expertise (John-Steiner, 2000).
Beverley and his collaborators (Washington University, St.
As part of the Oslo Agreement between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel, signed in September 1993, the PA agreed not to punish Palestinian civilians and collaborators.
Feeling "cooped up" in New York, Thek lived in Europe off and on during the '60s and '70s, roaming around with a nomadic group of friends and collaborators.
During the year before rehearsals ever began, Jenkins's present company of seven dancers (Jon Weaver, Stephanie Maher, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sue Roginski, Tony Coray, Martin Gould, Ellie Klopp) and the five major collaborators of her career--vocal artist Rinde Eckert, composer Paul Dresher, set and lighting designer Alexander V.
In addition to that, naturally, we confront the problem of collaborators by executing them.
Soon army and collaborators, including the newlyweds, left town, and quiet returned to the neighborhood.
The Hamas interior ministry said that two collaborators who had been providing Israel with information for more than a decade caused the killing of several members of Palestinian resistance groups, as well as children.
He also called for severe punishment on all the Israeli collaborators which is equal to their crime.