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Synonyms for collaboration

Synonyms for collaboration

joint work toward a common end

Synonyms for collaboration

act of working jointly


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act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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Many surveys are underway on collaboration, collaborators and collaborationist governments around the world.
In his press conference at the Berlinale, Schlondorff described the film as portraying the beginnings of the contemporary united Europe (11) He saw Europe as having advanced to a point where Germans can talk about French collaborationists and the French can talk about the German resistance.
His tenure as France's proconsul in North Africa was marked with passive-aggressive resistance to German pressure for resources and manpower and foot-dragging against the collaborationists who were his nominal superiors in Vichy.
The compilers of the list might then consider grading the collaborationists by the gravity of their activities, or at least dividing them into ''active'' and ''passive'' groups.
PARIS: Carla Bruni, the new wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, apologised yesterday for comparing the methods used by a French news magazine to those of the Nazi collaborationists during the Second World War.
Discussing national identity in Algeria, McDougall confirms what previous authors have shown: that the conflict among nationalists and collaborationists was over the meaning of Algeria itself (p.
Its leadership reads like a roll-call of of the intellectual cognoscenti of France; not only well-known collaborationists like Maurras and Celine but many others; even ostensibly "apolitical" writers such as Andre Gide were reportedly "impressed" by the gran-diose dimensions of the "Hitler Plan" in which Vichy France was to play its pathetic and deluded role.
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