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act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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Swag is acquired through a number of processes, among them, using the already established swag of another artist, usually, American rappers, by either doing collabos (13) with them, curtain-raising for them, or by sampling their songs.
In addition, the tribe has collabo rated with Humboldt State University and the non-profit Integral Ecology Research Center to better understand mortality causes and the role of disease in fisher ecology.
Equally moving was the collabo ration of the great conductor/pianist Ashkenazy with the pianistic young lion Evgeny Kissin in Prokofiev's perennially fresh, spring-like Third Piano Concerto.
The next level of care--on-site collabo rative care services--is indicated if the presenting condition is judged to be moderate or severe.
Because he spent his entire career in Hungary and his main works--nine operas (some composed in collabo ration with others) and patriotic choruses (including the national anthem)--are set to Hungarian texts, Erkel, like his Polish counterpart Stanislaw Moniuszko (1819-1872), is little known abroad.
For reasons that remain to be analyzed, the French maos obviously tried to reenact the dialectics of the collabo and the resistant in times of peace and democracy.
for his vision and leadership as 1995 NBC-LEO Program Chair; Donald Borut, NLC executive durector, for his continued support and collabo ration on NBC-LEO prograrns; and David Moore for his outstanding leadership and service as NBC-LEO's president over the past year.
Viewers can communicate and share with broadcasters through comments, send gifts and even join the broadcast with Collabo, a new feature which enables as many as 4 users to broadcast together on a single mobile display.
RCT Homes Procurement Team T won the Welsh Government Procurement Award in 2013 and its collabo A -rative approach to frameworks saw it shortlisted in this year's Welsh Government Procurement Awards.
Kanye West appears twice in the Best Hip-Hop Video category, for 'Mercy' and the Jay-Z collabo 'N--s in Paris.
That work for me because we talk about how we expand and enri wonderful to be finally collabo him and rea character How wa with M Terrib He's a cre How was it working with Matt Damon?
A Clark student organization, Hip Hop Collabo, will open the program with a performance from the group's current repertoire on the evolution of rap, which will be debuted fully in its fall concert the first weekend in December.
Forever" may be for the album or possibly a forthcoming soundtrack, a Kanye collabo in which he and Drake bring out the best in each other, elevating their respective rap games in a way that's only happened with Drake and Wayne on tracks like "Ransom.