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a large amphitheater in Rome whose construction was begun by Vespasian about AD 75 or 80

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A life-size Roman Colisseum is the setting for four-horse chariot 'races', gladiatorial sword fights and and entrance for live lions and tigers - and you are part of the audience.
Notingham's excellent Seachange play at Coventry Colisseum tonight
You could see the birth of the Olympics, cheer chariot racing in the Colisseum, watch Shakespeare as she was wrote at the original Globe.
The Colisseum, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps and all the marvellous Roman ruins, statues and artefacts that give us a glimpse into a lost culture.
Visit the Colisseum, Pantheon, and Vatican City or indulge in retail therapy at Prada, Versace and Armani for Italian fashion at its best.
Supporters partied outside the ruins of the city's Colisseum, the famous Roman gladiator arena.
HE would frequently pick spectators at the Colisseum to be dragged from benches and ordered to fight lions.
Which is why I hope the Italians come to Twickenham on Saturday determined to yank the lion's tail rather than as innocents paraded for slaughter in the Colisseum.
For all the bravado of Italy's Kiwi coach on the eve of England's first Six Nations clash in the Eternal City, the feeling persisted that it was the sort of hopeful speech a Christian might have made before entering the Colisseum at feeding time.
The show sets sail from Whitby where I caught up with the production at the revived Colisseum complex.
I was driving round the city with (Italian player) Marcello Santi showing us all the sights, the Vatican was totally empty and we saw the Colisseum and the Trevi Fountain.
SATURDAY: Fever, The Kitchen, Dublin; Yum Yum Club, Nancy Spains, Cork; Bounce, The Colisseum, Waterford; Fresh & Funky, Horans, Tralee.
If necessary, Flatley will take painkillers to get him through his one-and-a-half hours on stage at the Colisseum Theatre, where tonight's audience will include Prince Charles, Elton John and Tina Turner.