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a bacteriophage that infects the bacterium Escherichia coli

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Tissue distribution of a coliphages and Escherichia coli in mussels after contamination and depuration.
coli, Enterococcus, and coliphages in private wells and suggests fecal contamination of household drinking water supplies and the need for precautionary measures to protect residents' public health.
Three wells were positive for all three bacterial indicators, coliphages, and Arcobacter; adenovirus DNA was recovered from two of these wells.
Somatic coliphages are those which infect Escherichia coli WG5 through the cell wall and are detected by standardized methods (ISO 10705-2).
was improved by increasing temperature, and a similar result was observed in a study on the elimination of coliphages by the mussel Mytilus edulis (L.
Finally, the plate was incubated for 24 hours either at 37[degree]C for coliphages or at 26[degree]C for [phi]6.
Animal viruses, coliphages, and bacteria in aerosols and wastewater at a spray irrigation site.
Human adenoviruses and coliphages in urban runoff-impacted coastal waters of Southern California.
Methods to Detect Coliphages as Fecal Indicator Viruses in Large Volumes of Water
Third, over a distance of 50 meters, virus contamination dropped by 15 percent, while total bacteria count decreased by 88 percent, fecal streptococci by 98 percent, and coliphages by 99 percent.
During this period, results of environmental monitoring and beach water sampling for FRNA coliphages by culture and Bacteroides by PCR in Roger Fujiokas laboratory at the Water Resources Research Center also showed that the beaches were contaminated for up to two days but not four days after the sewage spill had stopped (Fujioka, Betancourt, & Vithanage, 2006).
Human adenoviruses and coliphages in urban runoff impacted coastal waters of Southern California.
coli, and a laboratory strain of somatic coliphage ([PHI]X174).