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a bacteriophage that infects the bacterium Escherichia coli

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Tissue distribution of a coliphages and Escherichia coli in mussels after contamination and depuration.
A randomized controlled trial assessing infectious disease risks from bathing in fresh recreational waters in relation to the concentration of Escherichia coli, intestinal enterococci, Ciostridium perfringens, and somatic coliphages.
coffee, toast, the rush for the lab in the dark to gather up paraphernalia load the station wagon and off again for the river: man as hunter, Ahab again, and Nomad, more prosaically the quarry is microscopic Escherichias, salmonellas, staphylococci, ascarid eggs, coliphages, abject in the face of men, a turning to an urge to heal the earth, its waters, first the detection of ills which becomes life-long non-progressive find & measure the ills first, others can heal with statute, exhortation, engineering, first and for a lifetime detect.
We confirmed the presence of infectious F-specific phages and somatic coliphages in all 4 archival samples after 17 years of storage at -70[degrees]C, following ISO/FDIS 10705-1 and 10705-2 protocol, respectively (data not shown).
Lucena F, Lasobras J, McIntosh D, Forcadell M, Jofre J (1994) Effect of distance from polluting focus on relative concentrations of Bacteroides fragilis phages and coliphages in mussels.
Internal control RNA can be packaged in MS2 coliphages to protect them against degradation of the RNA control by ubiquitous RNases found in clinical samples (11).
Clostridium perfringens and somatic coliphages as indicators of the efficiency of drinking water treatment for viruses and protozoan cysts.
coli, Enterococcus, and coliphages in private wells and suggests fecal contamination of household drinking water supplies and the need for precautionary measures to protect residents' public health.
Concurrently, measurements of water temperature (T), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), total suspended solids (TSS), SO4-2, Cl-, total and free chlorine (Cl2), turbidity, pHnative coliphages (NC) and total (TC) and fecal coliforms (FC) were conducted.
Three wells were positive for all three bacterial indicators, coliphages, and Arcobacter; adenovirus DNA was recovered from two of these wells.
Somatic coliphages are those which infect Escherichia coli WG5 through the cell wall and are detected by standardized methods (ISO 10705-2).