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NCR has had a long standing relationship with Coles supporting its store checkout operations with a range of innovative and leading-edge hardware and software solutions.
Coles Myer chief executive officer John Fletcher says the new structure should drive sales and earnings growth by simplifying the company's operation and allowing it to invest in its stores.
Though he mentions several different kinds of secularity -- the things of a particular time; a prosaic secularism; rational secularism; our usual (secular) assumptions about what matters; a new domain of the secular: the church as a pillar of the nation-state's authority; 'formal' secularization; secular America; modern secular mind; a scientific secularism; secular psychology -- like his own teachers Coles never defines the term for us.
Cole, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center (disclosure: I am on the adjunct faculty at Georgetown, but I do not know the author) and an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights, lays out the facts of racial and economic inequality.
Harold Cole was surprised by the welcome in 1990 when he relocated his precision machining and manufacturing company from Paradise, Calif.
Coles was President of Intellectual Technologies Group (ITG LLC), a private fund he founded to invest in University-based technologies.
Coles target was to obtain $16 million in ARC rebates from smaller suppliers.
Time and again, Coles uses this subject matter to bring us back to the moralism and spiritualism in our lives.
Coles singled out the efforts of the official creditors' committees in the NCFE cases to reach the settlement.
Coles published the video and cartoon during a time of intense public debate about the impact of $1 milk on Australian dairy farmers who supplied the product.
Ten years later, Coles is a failed independent film director and fairly successful New York ad man.
True to our innovative spirit, Coles Myer is proud to be the CPFR pioneer in the Australian market.
Coles is set to invest $360 million in Victoria and create 3,500 jobs across the state, Premier Denis Napthine and Coles Managing Director Ian McLeod announced today.
Coles has been running Caribou on an interim for nearly five months while the company's owners conducted a nationwide search for a full-time CEO.