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of or relating to Samuel Taylor Coleridge or his writings


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of cinema--reinforce the Coleridgean definition of form as a
3) On the relationship of Coleridgean and Kantian ethics, see Laurence S.
This image not only parodies Coleridgean imagination but also distinguishes the Pope's active reading from it: the way the Pope "evolves" truth from the trial documents differs fundamentally from Bottinius's dismissal of facts in favor of a "central truth.
Debates in the nineteenth and twentieth century that placed metaphor above simile, Coleridgean imagination above fancy, symbol above allegory, shadowed older debates about the real presence of Christ in bread and wine.
The literary allusions and exaggerated fictional encounters underwriting images of Coleridgean habit in De Quincey's work constitute what I term a literary model for theorizing habituation; one that superimposes the supernatural, the exotic, and the comically absurd in popular literary texts from Shakespeare to Dickens to reinvigorate cultural anxieties about unmanageable habituation.
1798), where the Coleridgean flame in the grate 'flutters'
Kubla Khan is not only a Coleridgean reconciliation of opposites, and so an exemplification of the Coleridgean concept of imagination as defined in Biographia Literaria (Chapter XIV), but also an exercise in the aesthetics of the sublime as understood by him as well as by Edmund Burke, before him, in his A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Origins of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful (1757).
Each is burdened by a Coleridgean albatross that impedes the pursuit of contentment.
In Coleridgean tradition, the dangers posed by an inclination towards moral absolutism were kept at bay by a pluralist willingness to see partial truths in the arguments of those with whom one disagrees (pp.
History brooks no Coleridgean miracles of imaginative labor However, there can be an expansion of consciousness worthy of the increasing intensity in the anaphoric gestures characterizing each of the structural moments.
This is also the Coleridgean notion of imagination.
Though characteristically mellifluous, Woolf's writing in Room is marked by numerous contradictions, many of them deliberate, and not the least of which is her Shakespeare, held up as a model for women writers because he represents, in Coleridgean terms, an androgynous ideal.
Imagination--O'Connor's method of Coleridgean synthesis she first discovered at Iowa under Austin Warren--made it free and lasting.
To be sure, in the excerpted passage as well as in most of Osundare's formal verse, we confront the Coleridgean perspective on the organic principle in nature while the poet remains Wordsworthian in his adoration of nature and his self-appointed role as poet-seer, priest, visionary, and moral crusader he is akin to the Shelleyan "unacknowledged legislator of the world" and his self-identification with and self-absorption in nature approximate to the Keatsean "negative capability.