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English romantic poet (1772-1834)

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And this house in the Quantock Hills of Somerset is where Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy lived for two years and where they renewed their friendship with Coleridge, who lived nearby.
Speaking at an anti-abortion rally in Brisbane Saturday, Coleridge cited China as a cause for fears that the new legislation would lead to abortions being undertaken for gender selection purposes.
According to Jennifer Ford the second generation of Romantics regarded Coleridge 'a good natured wizard, very fond of earth, but able to conjure his etherealities about him in the twinkling of an eye' (4).
Coleridge thus came to be associated with somnambulistic-hypnotic creativity (see Charpentier 1929, 1970), much like Byron (see supra).
Glynn, a senior lecturer in Cardiff School of Art & Design, is a co-facilitator of the international Coleridge in Wales 2016 festival.
This contestation is unfolded in more detail in Part 2 ("Addiction"), which features an engaging discussion of the seeming defeat of a reflective, cultivated imagination by what Coleridge judged so apprehensively as "the mindless overconsumption of printed works" and the public's seemingly limitless "desire for being further stimulated" (66).
When the British Government turned to the Established Church for assistance in the amelioration of the condition of the enslaved population in the West Indian colonies, two new Sees of Jamaica and Barbados and the Leeward Islands were created in 1824 and two new Bishops were appointed, Coleridge and Christopher Lipscomb.
The first reference to Don Quixote by Coleridge appears in his essay "The Soul and its Organs of Sense," published in Robert Southey's Omniana in 1812.
This is the story of Dean Coleridge and those who relentlessly pursue him.
Individual topics include the "kowtow" controversy, the "dark tide of time" in Coleridge's and William Hodges's India, Coleridge's sequel to Thalalba and Southey's prequel to Christabel, Coleridge and Empson in Japan, immanence and transcendence, Hinduism, Coleridge's and Shopenhauer's esoteric Buddhism compared, the integral significance of the 1816 preface to "Kubla Khan," psychological infinity and geometric structures, and the geopolitics of the Chinese garden.
The central issue for Sotheby's was its assessment of the date of the Coleridge Collar and whether it was Tudor, dating from prior to 1576, or whether it was post-Restoration, dating to the late seventeenth century.
5) The rumors and so-called "reports" of Coleridge's opium-eating from the footnote are far more significant than appear at first blush: they are deliberate, artful, literary reproductions of Coleridge dramatizing his binge opium consumption and subsequent habituation.
Given the Western perception (challenged in other parts of the world) of politics as a secular endeavor, as well as the recent tendency in the humanities to view politics through the lens of the material, Wright provides a potentially valuable demonstration of the inextricability of politics and religion in the mature Coleridge, as well as the importance of the state's religious foundations to an understanding of English political history from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.
El sueno de una comunidad igualitaria y libre, era herencia comun de Rousseau y reaparece tanto en los romanticos alemanes, Holderlin y otros, y poetas ingleses como Shelley, Byron y por supuesto el propio Coleridge.
Saintsbury compara a Coleridge con medio mundo: a su lado, dice, Dante nos dijo poco sobre la poesia mientras que Dryden, Fontenelle y Goethe fueron, en su grandeza, ignorantes, caprichosos y pedantes.