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Light trapping captured the most species, primarily Coleoptera and Lepidoptera, followed by direct collecting and sweep netting.
All major themes of wider insect conservation are included in the book, illustrated throughout by examples from the Coleoptera.
Coleoptera comprise the largest order of animals with more than 350,000 named species.
This adoring tribute to beetles seeks to answer that question as myriad Coleoptera are dissected and chronicled throughout their 250-million-year history.
palmarum, as other coleoptera, depends on chemical communication to coordinate its behavioral activities [17].
Coleoptera was most abundant in September (50 lizards) and least abundant in January (7 lizards).
2003), there appears to be little literature specifically addressing the Coleoptera of the LIPB.
Coleoptera Dermestidae Dermestes maculatus De Geer Cleridae Necrobia rufipes De Geer Lepidoptera Tineidae Tineola sp.
Coleoptera Curculionidae Entiminae; weevils of Canada and Alaska; v.
Pests of stored products and their control methods (injurious coleoptera of food and industrial products).
He comments on the geographical distribution, host plants, feeding habits and seasonal history of 34 species of phytophagous insects and seven species of mites, covering the Homoptera, Hemiptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, Eriophyoidea and Tetranychoidea associated with the olive tree, and provides a set of color photographs.