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I set my fall cole crops into space that has already born a spring crop.
Generally, two lettuce or cole crops per year are grown in the region, with plantings often in early spring and a short fallow period in midsummer followed by a second planting.
Vertical distribution of important pest of cole crops in Meghalya as influenced by the environment factors.
In our study, preference of lower leaf surface for oviposition as well as pupation was significantly higher in cabbage as compared to other cole crops.
ABSTRACT: In eastern Aroostook County, Maine abundant populations of moose (Alces alces) within an agricultural-woodland setting negatively impact cole crops and incur a high rate of moose-vehicle collisions.
Many types of seeds, including root crops such as carrot, radish, beet and turnip, cole crops such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprout and cauliflower, as well as every type of lettuce, and also peas, may be planted outdoors now.
They could contain genes useful for improving commercial varieties of collard--and varieties of other cole crops as well.
Other crops for which the phosphorous fertilizer enhancers are being used include alfalfa, cole crops, and tomatoes.
Crucifer flea beetles do not usually reproduce in home gardens but can severely defoliate horseradish and cole crops in the spring before canola crops emerge, and in August after they are harvested.
In addition, no standing fields of cole crops are allowed between May i and June 15 in the Bajio region, Jan.
These soils are often used for the production of continuous row crops, such as cole crops, strawberries, and corn.
By 1995, the working group predicts, scientists will overcome these problems, and Bt-endowed corn, potatoes, rice, lettuce and cole crops (such as broccoli and cabbage) will emerge from laboratories for field-testing -- just before the field-tested tomato crops reach the market.
Cabbage and its siblings--broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kohlrabi--are the cool-season plants that we call cole crops.
Isoclast active is effective at low use rates and has been developed globally in all major crop groups, including cotton, leafy and fruiting vegetables, apples, cereals, citrus, cole crops, grapes and soybeans.
As described in our companion paper (Platts and Grismer 2014; page 68), the salinity study involved a control site and eight test sites that had similar soil characteristics, drainage systems, types of crops grown (lettuce, cole crops and strawberries), irrigation method and farming practices.