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protective covering consisting of a wooden frame with a glass top in which small plants are protected from the cold

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Other alternatives to extending the growing season are coldframes and hotbeds.
This is the sort you could happily put a "bit of everything" into and that could include things like a rockery and fish pond, bulbs growing in grass under trees, and a work area with greenhouse, coldframes and compost heaps.
We just finished a brief but busy season selling vegetable and flower plants which we produced in our small greenhouse and coldframes.
Just about any time between mid-June and mid-August, you'll probably need to protect plants from cold with coldframes or cloches, or in a greenhouse.
KEEP doors, lights and vents open on coldframes and greenhouses whenever the weather is hot.
2Pick off any yellowing leaves on over-wintering plants in greenhouses and coldframes.
In cold-winter areas, potted bulbs can be forced in coldframes or garages, as long as temperatures stay between 35 degrees and 45 degrees.
3 Keep your eye on plants in coldframes because they can dry out during sunny weather or rot off if the frame is closed during damp weather.
CHECK plants in greenhouses, coldframes and conservatories for the fuzzy-grey growth of grey mould.
On center stage in early spring, most coldframes wind up on the back lot--empty--by June.
20Check that all overwintering structures such as coldframes, greenhouses, sheds and other buildings are reasonably air-tight.