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a state of political hostility between countries using means short of armed warfare

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Berlin : Barack Obama will Wednesday invoke the Cold War history of German-US solidarity, on a long-awaited first visit to Berlin as president, but will face sharp questions on US spy snooping programmes.
The second section illustrates why the book as a whole is likely to evoke fascination and bewilderment in roughly equal measures in readers with an interest in Australian Cold War history.
National Geographic informs that Crimea has 300 days of sun a year, boasts numerous health resorts, as well as a bit of Soviet past heritage in a form of, say, "once secret nuclear-blast-proof Soviet submarine base in Balaklava, a piece of Cold War history, now a museum", the "concrete block architecture", and even the "unsmiling babushkas".
A tutor marking Cold War history papers also complained about the same.
He also pointed to Cold War history for evidence that diplomacy can work.
His first book to reckon with the flood of new documents was 1997's We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History.
In particular, Watts's understanding of Romanian strategic culture and his access to communist-era archives combine to make this volume a must read for those interested in Cold War history and the Warsaw Pact.
To rectify the problem, Tripathi was told by the external examiner that he "would have to rewrite the thesis in a year, without the Cold War History Archive that gave (him) access to the Russian and East German archives, and resubmit only for MPhil.
William Inboden has made a signal contribution to Cold War history and to post-1945 American religious history.
stands as one of the watershed moments of Cold War history.
The book goes back into the country's Cold War history to explain her troubled and violent upbringing, and this is where the problems start.
The book goes back into Cold War history to explain her troubled and violent upbringing, and this is where the problems start.
It's a must- visit for those interested in Cold War history and in how people on both sides of the divided city struggled to be united again.
It's time to reshape cold war history as Atari launches Codename Panzers: Cold War, the latest PC real-time strategy title in the acclaimed Codename Panzers series from developers Stormregion and InnoGlow.
The present article critiques recent contributions by Cain and Hocking, suggesting that discussion of political fundamentalism on the Left and the security response to it is vital if Cold War history is to be understood and made relevant to discussions of contemporary terrorism.