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an itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins

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Cold urticaria can be triggered by an underlying condition such as chickenpox, though the cause has yet to be established.
Cold urticaria is a skin reaction to cold, a form of hives.
Classification of urticaria Type Subtype Spontaneous urticaria Acute and chronic spontaneous urticaria Physical urticaria Cold urticaria Delayed pressure urticaria Hot urticaria Solar urticaria Dermographism Vibration urticaria Other Aquagenic urticaria Cholinergic urticaria Contact urticaria Exercise induced anaphylaxisurticaria Table 2.
Symptoms of this condition include immune deficiency, autoimmunity, inflammatory skin disorders and cold-induced hives, a condition known as cold urticaria.
Maurer said that he and his colleagues have successfully treated patients with antihistamine-refractory spontaneous urticaria, cold urticaria, physical urticaria, cholinergic urticaria, solar urticaria, pressure urticaria, and other forms of the disease.
Like Abbie, my husband Alan suffers from cold urticaria.
Abbie Tully, 12, has to go to a special school for sick children and cannot play outside after developing cold urticaria last November.