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The more I looked at his fat, frightened face, the harder did it seem that we should slay him in cold blood.
He has violated, in cold blood, the sanctity of a human heart.
He could in cold blood have married this girl for the wealth he knew that she would inherit; but the thought that she was to be united with such a THING--"Lord
Let me tell your worship that for a man to whip himself in cold blood is a hard thing, especially if the stripes fall upon an ill-nourished and worse-fed body.
Is it reasonable--is it just--to expect her to ask herself, in cold blood, What (morally and intellectually) is all this worth?
If the latter interpretation were the true one, he had just read the narrative of the contemplated murder of his brother, planned in cold blood by a woman who was at that moment inhabiting the same house with him.