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So-called because the stem and flower emerge in autumn bare of leaves, Colchicum are also known as autumn crocus because they look similar.
As a tincture, colchicum is used topically to treat facial neuralgia and eczema.
Janice took Colchicum 30C from her home kit upon our instructions.
The absence of colchicine in these products is not surprising since Ginkgo biloba, the source material for ginkgo preparations, is taxonomically unrelated to the colchicine producing Colchicum autumnale and related Liliaceous species.
Colchicums thrive in deep, fertile and well-drained soil but not too dry, in a warm, sunny site.
Physicians began using colchicum, an extract from a crocus-like plant, with excellent results.
If you are creating an area for the children, there are many plants to avoid because they are either poisonous or irritate the skin including monkshood (aconitum), euphorbia, laburnum, daphne, digitalis, colchicum and taxus, although the list is pretty long, so it's probably wiser to teach children about the dangers of plants.
Although colchicums are hardly woodlanders (they prefer the sun), Colchicum speciosum 'Album' is planted close to the path edges and it always puts on a fine show, though fingers are firmly crossed that it gets the chance to shine before torrential rain and wind turn its fireworks into damp squibs.
Colchine, derived from colchicum, has been used medicinally for centuries, even millennia.
The foliage of evergreen Epimedium x versicolor or its lovely twin hybrids, 'Sulphureum' and 'Neosulphureum', provide a vivid green backdrop to the flowers of any of the stronger Colchicum speciosum forms.
COLCHICUM and autumn crocus should be planted out into the ground as soon as they become available to buy from your local garden centre.
ASK CAROL QWHERE can I get seeds of Colchicum Alba or Giant?
Colchicum bulbs are available in the shops now and produce stocky flowers in shades of pink in late September and October.
Colchicum bulbs are available in shops now and produce stocky flowers in shades of pink in late September.