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(Greek mythology) a region on the Black Sea to the south of the Caucasus that was the site of an ancient country where (according to Greek mythology) Jason sought the Golden Fleece

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49) Josephus, however, raises the specter of piracy--a perpetual maritime phenomenon like death and taxes--naming the Heniochi, Colchians, Tauri, Bosporans and the peoples around Lake Maeotis.
131-137, presumably employed it to inspect Roman military installations along the Colchian coast between Trapezus and Dioscurias/Sebastopolis in c.
Trapezus not only connected the Cappadocian army on the upper Euphrates with the Euxine but also served the various garrisons on the Colchian coast.
He records the conversion of "Zathus, a heathen King reigning over the Colchians," concluding with the general comment: "Several other barbarous nations are recorded to have renounced heathenism and embraced Christianity about this time, that I cannot stand to mention" (pp.