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carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts ('dope' is a southernism in the United States)

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Nadir Saoudi, from the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, Monaco, reported how excessive consumption of cola drinks can result in marked potassium loss (hypokalemia), QT prolongation on ECGs and potentially life threatening arrhythmias.
Cola drinks are especially bad because most contain caffeine.
For example, in 1992, Coca-Cola sold more coffee and tea beverages in Japan than traditional cola drinks.
It is found not only in coffee, but in tea, cola drinks, cocoa, and chocolate--as well as some brands of painkillers.
Avoid salt and reduce grapefruit juice and cola drinks if you produce calcium oxalate stones - and for all types of stones increase your fluid intake.
Humans receiving an equivalent daily dose for their body weight would be consuming 500 milligrams of caffeine - the equivalent of two cups of strong "coffee shop" coffee, 14 cups of tea or 20 fizzy cola drinks.
The most common ingredients in cola drinks are glucose, fructose and caffeine, Dr Elisaf said.
New research suggests that caffeine and theophylline, both found in coffee, tea, cola drinks and chocolate, may help block cell growth and blood clotting.
HEALTH warnings about the dangers of obesity appear to be finally getting through with latest figures showing Britons now spend more money on diet cola drinks in shops than on the original sugary varieties.
Normal cola drinks will not be affected because their caffeine levels fall below this limit.
Coca-Cola is aiming to add fizz to the UK cola drinks sector with the launch of a lemon-flavoured variant of Diet Coke in June.
Keeping to the recommended minimum is equivalent to drinking no more than four cups of coffee, six cups of tea, eight cans of regular cola drinks, four cans of "energy" drinks or eating eight 50g bars of chocolate.
Don't eat chocolate bars or drink anything with caffein in it - like tea, coffee or cola drinks after supper.