root beer float

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an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beer

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We're also thrilled to add the Coke Float, a classic ice cream parlor treat, to our menu this month.
Instead of receiving presents for her birthday, Miss Maggie Moo has decided to give a present to customers in the form of a free mini Coke float," said Jenn Johnston, chief marketing and operations officer for GFG Management, LLC.
Guests were also invited to a "be a kid" fantasy area, where they indulged in treats of caramel apples, caramel popcorn, petite corndogs, sliders, fries, Coke floats, Orange Julius drinks, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, and a photo booth.
Coke floats, fish-finger sarnies and rice crispy cakes will transport older readers back to the days when Grange Hill was a must-see.
In 1990, McDonald's tested a Golden Arch Cafe, with old-fashioned Coke floats and other non-traditional fast-food fare, but the idea never took off.
Coke floats and specially-designed buggies will travel up and down the country to beaches, festivals and shopping malls distributing the fizzy drink.
The diner's menu also appeals to those with a taste for the past and features classic burgers and sandwiches, thick milk shakes, malts and Coke floats.