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Synonyms for neologism

new word


Synonyms for neologism

a newly invented word or phrase

the act of inventing a word or phrase

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COPRAETERPOLITICAL a coined term meaning 'jointly lying outside of what is political or civil', combining copolitical [Net quots.
His uncertainty about whether the fifteenth century represented the beginning of the Renaissance is best illustrated by his efforts to reevaluate the works of the humanists (he is still unaware of the newly coined term "humanism") while at the same time refusing to recognize their role as promoters of the new era.
The newly coined term for this method of internet search by its thousands of users is "boouncing" (pronounced "bouncing").
Each SSD "Droplet" (the company coined term for its cloud servers) provides industry-leading disk and network performance, coupled with the capability to easily migrate and resize existing Droplets with a single click.
Let us begin with the overrated word "sexuality," a coined term that many deem as intrinsic to a person's being, and worse, which is being taught at a very young age as an important aspect of the expression of one's being.
DETALLATED with the tallate removed, a coined term (compare 'detannated').
Hitachi's approach to the "War of the Worlds" campaign is based upon a new marketing strategy using the keyword "Glocal," a coined term combining "global" and "local," and is designed to improve Hitachi's consumer products business and strengthen its brand power on a global scale.
Inovalon is a newly coined term created by combining innovation, value, and action.
Proteomics, a recently coined term that is derived from combining "protein" and "genomics" is considered the next great biomedical research frontier.