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Synonyms for coincidence

Synonyms for coincidence

an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental

the quality of occupying the same position or area in space

the temporal property of two things happening at the same time

References in classic literature ?
There you are, and yet you talk of coincidence and Fate.
Don't you think," she said, "that the shock of this coincidence, as you call it, has been quite sufficient, without having you come here to remind me of it?
All I was going to say was, that I hold myself under an obligation to the coincidence, that's all.
Fentolin remarked quietly, "but there is a certain amount of coincidence about your question.
In the light of Claire's insinuations what had seemed coincidences took on a more sinister character.
Had the events of the morning so unnerved me already that I was at the mercy of any delusion which common chances and common coincidences might suggest to my imagination?
It is natural for the mind to recall these dark coincidences on the present day.
Magnus, 'I never knew anything like these extraordinary coincidences.
On the one hand, he surprised himself by his discoveries in natural history, finding that his piece of garden-ground contained wonderful caterpillars, slugs, and insects, which, so far as he had heard, had never before attracted human observation; and he noticed remarkable coincidences between these zoological phenomena and the great events of that time,--as, for example, that before the burning of York Minster there had been mysterious serpentine marks on the leaves of the rose-trees, together with an unusual prevalence of slugs, which he had been puzzled to know the meaning of, until it flashed upon him with this melancholy conflagration.
To this, Kit's mother yielded her full assent, and tracing things back from effects to causes, they naturally reverted to their deceased husbands, respecting whose lives, deaths, and burials, they compared notes, and discovered sundry circumstances that tallied with wonderful exactness; such as Barbara's father having been exactly four years and ten months older than Kit's father, and one of them having died on a Wednesday and the other on a Thursday, and both of them having been of a very fine make and remarkably good-looking, with other extraordinary coincidences.
And in all this he was always afterwards disposed to see something strange and mysterious, as it were, the presence of some peculiar influences and coincidences.
It certainly is a strange coincidence," he added, speaking in an aside to Ned while he himself still listened to what was being told to him over the telephone wire.
By a singular coincidence, on the very night that this vision appeared to Legree, the house-door was found open in the morning, and some of the negroes had seen two white figures gliding down the avenue towards the high-road.
By a strange coincidence, he happened to be at Aldborough, inquiring after Mr.
That's a coincidence, too," the guard mused, "for I made the same of it myself.