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Chilean evergreen whose leafy boughs are used for thatching

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In some areas, the woods are grouped together and referred to as Nothofagus species, with common names that include anis, coihue, coyan, roble ruili, lengue, nire and robe in addition to the names rauli, Chilean beech, South American beech, raoul, coigue and Patagonian cherry.
Coigue (Nothofagus dombeyi) and roble (Nothofagus obliqua) are similar to rauli.
dombeyi: rauli, Chilean beech, South American beech, coigue, anis, coyan, hualo, roble rauili, coihue, lengue, nire, roble.
As previously announced, mining operations at Cerro Bayo are transitioning away from the Marcela and Cascada veins and into the Dagny and Fabiola veins located at Coigues Este in an effort to reduce higher costs.
Exploration at the Coigues Este area near the Cerro Bayo mill determined that mineralization at both the Dagny and Fabiola vein systems remains open to the southeast.
The 2008 drilling program in progress at Coigues Este is exploring the limits of the Dagny and Fabiola veins and is testing the Yasna vein.
In addition to the positive drill results announced in September at Cerro Bayo, drilling continues on the new Coigues Este area, including two new veins, Dalila and Yasna, which brings the total to five new veins now under exploration within approximately one kilometer of the existing plant facilities.