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German botanist who is generally recognized as founding bacteriology when he recognized bacteria as plants

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The sense among investors was that Gary Cohn, among a few economic advisers, had interposed his body between the president and bad policy, said Vincent Reinhart, chief economist at Standish Mellon Asset Management.
Yet the departure of Cohn, a free-trade-oriented Democrat who fended off a number of nationalist-minded policies during his year in the Trump administration, could have a ripple effect on the president's economic decisions and on the financial industry.
Cohn did not show up for Trump's news conference on Tuesday, despite a seat being set aside for him.
As Cohn begins to talk about that first night and week of the fires, Alexandra shouts from across the winery and joins the conversation.
Cohn & Wolfe took a majority stake in Grupo Mquina (now Mquina Cohn & Wolfe), one of Brazils largest and most widely respected public relations agencies, in January 2016.
The White House takes seriously the need for appointees to resign, recuse and divest where required," a White House spokesperson told IBT in response to questions about whether Cohn has recused himself from any Goldman-related matters before the NEC.
That's pretty unusual - stressing that Cohn will apply a monetary policy fitting the Trump agenda.
The firm's Cohn and Wolfe India unit doubled revenues in 2014 with key clients including Austrian Airlines, Cleartrip, Lufthansa Passenger Airlines, RCI, Ruckus Wireless, Swiss International Air Lines and Wyndham Hotel Group.
Cohn enjoyed making furniture and working with his hands.
After being advised that retail banking was "the future" during her time at Smith, Cohn set her sights on New York's mortgage market and joined Citibank "fresh from college.
Cohn is expected to remain in its current location in Phoenix, Arizona under the direction of Norbert Chung, head of Gallagher's Western employee benefit consulting and brokerage operations.
Mendoza joins Cohn & Wolfe from EON, where his extensive marketing background includes work with leading global brands such as L'Oreal, Cirque du Soleil, McDonald's, Kraft and Sony.
In other words, these triads constitute a diatonic syntax for analytical and compositional purposes, against which Cohn presents a position based on ideas espoused in nineteenth-century music theory treatises and in twentieth-century atonal set-theory discourse.
Global communications and public relations agency Cohn & Wolfe has taken a minority stake in Middle East public relations firm BPG|pr.
Summary: Cohn & Wolfe has announced that it will take a minority stake in Dubai-based BPG | pr.