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The resulting higher randomness of the particles' localization reduces the possibility of encountering far-field coherent scattering (see Fig.
It can be observed that with the increasing of the incident angle, the specular coherent scattering decreases, while the width of the specular peak becomes wider.
Evidence of far-field coherent scattering vs near-field interaction via numerical simulations
i] depend on the density of polymer coherent scattering length K, bubbles volume fraction [C.
Values of the coherent scattering domain thickness of pyrophyllite from Hillsboro and Zalamea particles are presented in Table 2 and in Fig.
0[lambda], and this behavior shows the fact that the height of Gaussian rough surface changes gently for the larger correlation length, which causes a more coherent scattering contribution to the BSC near the specular direction.
0] is a constant being determined by extrapolation of the coherent scattering intensity to zero angle.
Neutron optical techniques provide a unique method for measuring the neutron bound coherent scattering lengths, b, of light elements.
In most of the relevant publications available, while modeling the whole ship-sea model, the sea surface might be always treated as one dimension, PEC condition, or a combination of many flat facets where only the coherent scattering is accounted for.
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