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United States songwriter and playwright famous for his patriotic songs (1878-1942)

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Cohan explores how the university may have unwittingly engendered the conditions for such a legal mess.
My temperament has changed since I've been on the show because of being immersed in this dark material all the time,'' Cohan said in a recent interview.
It is indeed a "very crowded landscape," concurred A+E Networks' Sean Cohan, "both in terms of viewer and platform attention.
Critique: An exhaustive, deftly written, documented, and detailed biography of the life and work of Robert Cohan, "The Last Guru: Robert Cohan's Life In Dance, From Martha Graham To London Contemporary Dance Company" is a definitive and highly recommended account that should grace academic library 20th Century Dance History collections if they are to be considered comprehensive.
Director Cohan noted that, "going slow and steady was very crucial to our success.
Typically borrowers are seeking a seven-to 10-year hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), says Cohan.
The baby spent months in intensive care but yesterday Cohan, who still only weighs 14lb 9oz compared to the average of around 22lbs, celebrated his first birthday at home.
Cohan was delivered in the Special Care Baby Unit at Singleton Hospital in Swansea.
Cohan, who was Taylor's longtime confidante and spiritual guide, went public with the news of the baby born out of wedlock last year shortly after the actress' death, revealing his client had asked him to reveal all about the child she never knew after she had passed away.
Cohan, who is currently visiting Jordan to hold seminars, lectures and panel discussions addressing challenges and future outlook of entrepreneurship, global financial crisis, , as well as the significance of the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the United States said that "there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur in Jordan than now".
Cohan said that Liz had been a client of his since the 1960s and told him he could not reveal the secret until after her death.
The Golden State Warriors owner Chris Cohan reached an agreement to sell the franchise to Boston Celtics minority partner Joe Lacob and Mandalay Entertainment CEO Peter Guber, the Associated Press reported Thursday (http://sportsillustrated.
Long Grove lawyer Brian Cohan, with experience both in private practice and as general counsel of a small corporation, advises lawyers not merely to consider the proposed compensation package but also, before accepting the position, to perform a due diligence check similar to that recommended by Evanston lawyer Robert Creamer for a law practice merger (see Hire Laterally, Think Ethically, IBJ May 2007).
Cohan, a management consultant and venture capitalist, who has been a contributor to Financial Executive, finds McNerney a model of a modern CEO.
Cohan proposes a ten-step program for women going through menopause.