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the branch of semantics that studies the cognitive aspects of meaning

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The conceptual space theory is aligned with the tenets of cognitive semantics (discussed thoroughly in Gardenfors 2004), hence the claim that conceptual spaces "provide an appropriate ontology for such a semantics" (ibid.
As linguists maintain, cognitive semantics is mostly concentrated on investigation of the relationship between human experience, the conceptual system, and the semantic structure encoded by a particular language (Evans et al.
Toward a Cognitive Semantics, volume II: Typology and process in concept structuring, i-viii, 1-495.
For all these reasons, the proposals of diachronic cognitive semantics exceed some of the theoretical limitations of structural diachronic semantics; unlike the latter, cognitive semantics history takes into account not only the meaning of words, but also the meaning of syntactic structures (since meaning is understood to be conceptualisation).
A theory of cognitive semantics, such as lexical-functional linguistics, links semantic structure to general cognitive processes described in Psychology.
Here phenomenology and hermeneutics also have something to offer, especially when they are seen as part of pragmatic language philosophy like Wittgenstein's language game theory and Lakoff and Johnson's embodied cognitive semantics (all seen within Peirce's framework, which I use here) (Brier, 2000).
While literal language theory views metaphors as anomalous and idiosyncratic, cognitive semantics portrays metaphors by such characteristics as systematic, conventional, asymmetric, and abstract.
The book describes the development of technologies necessary for large-scale artificial language evolution experiments, such as a new formalism for grammar, which can be used for studying language as an evolving complex adaptive system; a formalism for embodied cognitive semantics, which can be embedded in artificial robotic agents; and a humanoid robot platform for carrying out language games and experiments.
A Typological Perspective' (25-62), Johan Pedersen takes Leonard Talmy's cognitive semantics typology of macro-events to firmer, CxG ground.
Hart's notions of embodiment, here and in earlier publications, is grounded in the cognitive semantics of George Lakoff, Mark Johnson, Mark Turner, and Giles Fauconnier, itself part of the larger field of cognitive linguistics.
Verena Haser: Metaphor, Metonymy, and Experientialist Philosophy: Challenging Cognitive Semantics.
Demonstrating the rapid growth of cognitive linguistics in universities across Central and Eastern Europe, the 14 essays look at cognitive approaches to grammar, cognitive semantics, and cognitive discourse analysis and applied linguistics.
Idealist and empiricist tendencies in cognitive semantics.
Basic Readings is an authoritative and encouraging general introduction to CL by a professional whose longstanding devotion to cognitive semantics and innovative proposals within the field run unquestioned.
One important result of that development was the reclaiming of metaphor and metonymy as problems for semantics, now conceived of as cognitive semantics (Lakoff).
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