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the field of science concerned with cognition

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The BM3C will be led by Professor James DiCarlo, head of the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BCS) at MIT, who will be supported by a team of faculty members, researchers, and graduate students from both the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).
The authors consider anthropology to be the field most closely related to cognitive sciences.
The book argues for the cognitive study of the arts because of the benefits such study offers to both the humanities and the cognitive sciences.
surveys the considerable literature in the cognitive sciences about the influence of biology and/or culture on the workings of the mind, the nature of consciousness, human freedom, religious experience, the uniqueness of humans, conceptions of God, and the future of the human species.
In the cognitive sciences, among other things, we have to enlist the help of traditional cognitive psychology in clarifying for us the multi-layered meaning of intelligence and its whole range of activities.
At NSF, he will oversee the activities of the Division of Social and Economic Sciences, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences, Division of Science Resource Studies, and Division of International Programs.
In view of this enormous escalation of theory and research falling within the general ambit of cognitive sciences, this is a goal which is extremely difficult to attain.
Hockfield is the first life scientist to lead MIT, and holds a faculty appointment as professor of neuroscience in the Institute's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.
The center involves faculty from the Sloan School of Management, the Media Laboratory, the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department, the Leadership Center and the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.
is a principal investigator in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at MIT.
In addition to his appointment as an associate member of the McGovern Institute, Jasanoff is Assistant Professor in the Departments of Nuclear Science & Engineering, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, and Biological Engineering Division.
NKU recently established the College of Informatics, which offers 21st century degree programs that integrate information technology with business, communication design, the natural sciences and the cognitive sciences.
An exciting reference source, the Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science covers the cognitive sciences in the broadest sense.
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