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the field of science concerned with cognition

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A team of researchers has shown that, in making judgments about causality, we do not always need to use cognitive reasoning.
Salpellah et al18 in a study of questioning found that clinical teachers predominately asked questions from the lower order cognitive levels when actually effective questioning involves cognitive reasoning and critical thinking at an appropriate level for the student.
an for ys tal ve ts, or an ys, nhe "Damage can affect speech, mot output and behaviour, and music ca play a role in all those areas," he say explaining that studies show listening to music interacts with areas of th mind dealing with emotions, high cognitive reasoning and long-ter memory.
By evaluating personality, behavior, inductive and deductive reasoning, cognitive reasoning skills, innate intelligence and emotional derailers, they help organizations select and develop better leaders.
TABLE 1 Qualitative and Quantitative Tools of Thoughts in Reasoning FOCUS Primarily Exclusively Cognitive reasoning inductive deductive Words Rationality Critical thinking Syllogistic thinking Numbers Logic Thinking Enthymeme critically thinking Statistics Informal Formal Lotus blossom practical probabilistic thinking reasoning reasoning
The conceptual metaphors do much to explain the cognitive reasoning behind these cases, European invasion, and American Manifest Destiny.
Suggesting that the goal of DCT is to move individuals to higher levels of cognitive reasoning only works for individuals at a high level of reasoning.
Fijian forward Tabua failed his cognitive reasoning tests yesterday after sustaining concussion in Sunday's 42-38 Whitehaven home win, so Thunder go into the tough test without one of their main ball carriers.
The software's benefits may go beyond students with autism to possibly help students with cognitive reasoning or other learning disabilities, and even ELL students.
This study investigated changes in students' cognitive reasoning as they analyzed the dynamics of a rainforest ecosystem (El Yunque) in the aftermath of a hurricane in Puerto Rico.
Certain forms of supernatural beliefs, such as magic, operate according to universally similar principles of cognitive reasoning that are, in fact, not irrational; moreover, religious beliefs answer some questions that science cannot answer, such as "Why me?
Exploring the relationship between programming abilities and other cognitive reasoning processes [10, 16, 21]
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