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But I would allow that Ong does indeed attribute a determinative role to cultural conditioning in influencing our cognitive processing and consciousness.
We suspect that some students, despite being of average intelligence, fail to achieve even when provided with high-quality instruction because of underlying cognitive processing deficits.
Reduced cognitive processing speed, which can slow thinking and learning, has been associated with advancing age, the researchers said.
The effects of induced anxiety on three stages of cognitive processing in computerized vocabulary learning.
We know that we can stop this decline and actually restore cognitive processing speed to people," Fredric Wolinsky, professor in the UI College of Public Health and lead author on the paper said.
Papers in part 1 deal with the effects of individual differences and emotion on cognitive processing and performance.
Gerlai has published over 100 papers in refereed scientific journals and books and he is a member of the editorial board of Cognitive Processing, serves as reviewing editor of Genes Brain and Behavior, and has served as a scientific referee for more than 30 other scientific journals.
When presented with images of men, perceivers tended to rely more on "global" cognitive processing, the mental method in which a person is perceived as a whole.
Qualitative analysis of the faculty self-evaluations revealed, that although different in content, the courseware share common features: they all present the target language and culture in a rich authentic context and employ graphics, photos, interactive images, textual support, audio and video, thus assuring multi-sensory cognitive processing.
Solving the tough information problems of the intelligence and defense community demands fresh ideas and approaches, such as combining Essex optical and CSI cognitive processing technologies to form a new architecture for mining valuable information from vast farms of data.
However, while recognising the importance of considering students' cognitive processing, Jonassen's (1985) analysis did not go much further than suggesting that drill and practice learning designs promote shallow processing while problem- and simulation-based learning designs promote deeper processing (Craik & Lockhart, 1972).
Sleeplessness increases attention lapses while slowing reaction time and cognitive processing.
He pointed out that when people are not under high levels of stress, they have the ability to calmly engage in the conscious, deliberative, and analytical cognitive processing that characterizes rational thinking.
Cognitive processing of traumas: the role of intrusive thoughts and reappraisals.
Louis, discussed the results of a trial in which 171 patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to sexual assault were randomized to receive 13 hours of cognitive processing therapy (CPT) or prolonged exposure, or were assigned to a waiting list.
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