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On average, women in the lowest quartile of cognitive ability initiated sex 1.
Cognitive ability affects school performance, educational attainment, and success in the labor market, and hence is positively associated with earnings.
Previous twin studies had found that heritability for general cognitive ability rises from 40 percent in childhood to about 60 percent in young adulthood and around 80 percent at age 60.
When the cognitive ability is enhanced, fear responses such as anxiety-like and PTSD-like behaviors, are controlled.
This social learning contributed to the subsequent development of early modern humans' cognitive ability to express symbolism and abstract thoughts through their material culture, for example in the form of decorated objects.
8-point differential in score results between the least and most lead-exposed children on the British Ability Scales, a test measuring cognitive ability and educational attainment.
5 percent - or almost one third - of their volunteers had either a savant skill or an exceptional cognitive ability.
Children attending nursery school programs score consistently high on measures of "developmental competencies,' especially cognitive ability, social knowledge and sociability with an adult stranger, reports Alison Clarke-Stewart of the University of California at Irvine.
The researchers say that their study shows a positive link between cognitive ability and cortical thickness in the brains of healthy 6 to 18 year olds.
We expect that this access will help expedite the process of gaining more complete information about brain activity throughout the range of cognitive ability," said Philip Devlin, general manager of Aspect's Neuroscience division.
Passfaces(TM) is an innovative, patented strong authentication technology that leverages the brain's innate cognitive ability to recognize human faces - a powerful and completely intuitive skill that is independent of age, language or education.
This study shows what kind of activity is necessary to enhance cognitive ability even at an advanced age," said Michael Merzenich, Ph.
The Bayley Scales were first introduced more than two decades ago by renowned psychologist Nancy Bayley and included assessments of cognitive ability, motor skills and language.
Cognitive ability is widely regarded as the key factor in determining future job performance in a wide range of occupations, and some staffing companies are now using this same assessment test in an effort to provide clients with the most comprehensive picture of each candidate's skills and potential.
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