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high quality grape brandy distilled in the Cognac district of France

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WILD breaks the mould changing how we think about brandy and Cognac
Cognacs are getting increasingly popular, likely due to celebrity promotion and social media presence," she adds.
Mixologists are now rediscovering why Cognac was the original ingredient, she notes.
Camus offers gift sets that include two glasses for its VS, VSOP and XO Cognacs.
Dry cellaring allows more evaporation of water than alcohol, which leaves the cognac more refined and elegant.
s heritage director, shares his preferred methods of discovering the joy of tasting Martell Cognac through scent, with mixers and paired with different foods.
Indeed, for many connoisseurs, the label ranks above all other cognacs in the league.
The INITIALE EXTRA, a blend of cognacs between 35 and 50 years, shows more fruit through the top notes, combining with brisk caramel sweetness and boxwood through the mid palate.
Despite its image to the contrary, cognac is not just a strong alcoholic beverage served in a fish-bowl goblet enjoyed by middle-aged, gout-ridden gentlemen as they smoke an after-dinner cigar.
Founded in 1724, Remy Martin is today's #1 cognac worldwide in superior quality cognacs and #1 cognac in France.
For example, the soil of Grande Champagne, (nothing to do with the bubbly stuff - it just means rolling countryside in French) has the softest chalk and the least clay, so is considered by many to produce the finest cognacs.
That's what goes into the making of cognac, the spirit that owes its name to a picturesque region in France.
Summary: Arnaud Mirey, Moet Hennessy's Asia-Pacific Regional Brand Ambassador, on cognacs and cocktails.
Remy is known for its fine champagne cognacs, meaning its eau-de-vie more than 700 of which were blended for Remy Martin Extra--come from the prized Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growing areas within Cognac.
But Chris Seale, head of cognacs at Pernod Ricard which sells pounds 110 Martell XO brandy, said: "We focus on high-end retailers so it shouldn't affect us.