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high quality grape brandy distilled in the Cognac district of France

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Menus including variations on classic dishes have also been developed with cognac as the prime ingredient and the perfect partner with the gourmet ingredients grown, or farmed, in the Charente valley.
First, you need to know that authentic cognac comes only from Cognac, a region in southwest France near Bordeaux.
Oddly enough, that's where the story begins--that of cognac, which, connoisseurs would agree, is one of the world's most refined spirits.
Mirey: It is surprising that you single out cognac, as rum is equally popular as an after-dinner drink.
For the date-infused cognac: In a bottle, place dotes and pour Hine Cognac on top.
The vineyards of the Cognac region have more than 5,500 growers who produce white wine for cognac making.
The finesse of a fine Cognac aged in a dry cellar located in a roof space, for instance, compared to the more characterful, almost oily charms of one aged in a dank, dark cellar where cobwebs predominate to encourage spiders who prey on the insects that would otherwise ruin the barrels in which the Cognac is kept.
It was fascinating to tour the various Cognac houses - from largescale operations such as Remy Martin and Courvoisier through a middle-ranking producer such as Otard to artisan houses such as Frapin and Ferrand.
Coeur de Cognac, launched under the Remy Martin brand, has been developed following research suggesting consumers find the category intimidating.
99 premium cognac - most of which sell for pounds 80 to pounds 100 - and rivals are likely to follow suit.
RED - Cognac directory: This offers a complete directory of Cognac producers and merchants, allowing you to search for Cognac brands or companies and their contact details.
I wish I had a Cuban cigar to go along with this,'' said Quentin Tarantino as he sipped some amber cognac from a tulip-shape glass before taping the show (AZN, 8 p.
It comprises: Luxury Brandy Cream with Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac (200ml), Luxury Brandy Butter with Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac (200g), Pourable Brandy Cream with Courvoisier[R] VS Cognac (250ml), Luxury Coffee Liqueur Cream with Tia Maria[R] (200ml), Luxury Sherry Cream with Harveys[R] Bristol (200ml).
And when Cognac producers leave their precious liquid to age and a percentage of it evaporates away into the sky the French just shrug their shoulders and call it 'the angels' share'.
Pernod Ricard, which acquired Martell following the sale of the Seagram drinks division, have renamed the race the Martell Cognac Grand National and will use its link with the race to push for a greater foothold in the UK market.