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Synonyms for coffin

box in which a corpse is buried or cremated


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place into a coffin

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We have to exercise him on a regular basis, so we do not get the adhesions in the coffin joint, because that would limit the movement.
In contrast, Montalcino, Venetia Williams's hurdler, is "totally able to act on bottomless going," having "a natural quirk of arresting the forward slide and rotating the coffin joint instantly, giving time to develop a leg drive that leaves opponents floundering in the mire".
He was radiographed and a fracture of the pedal bone from the tip of his toe (in a midline plane) into the centre of the coffin joint was found.
Orcutt was able to remove the biggest piece of wood that penetrated his right rear coffin joint - the intersection of the lowest bones in the horse's leg - and tendon sheath, an ultrasound revealed another chuck of wood impaled in the horse's leg, according to admitting veterinarian Thomas Jenei.